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In god we trust

By Shannon Pickard Oct 28, 2018

message description

Do we trust God with ALL of our lives?  Or just parts of it?  This is not a message on tithing pleading with people to give to the church.  This is the message in it's ENTIRETY.  In both the Old AND New Testaments, God answers all our questions and says "Test me in this, and see if I won't throw open the floodgates of Heaven in your life with so many blessings you won't be able to store them all!"  

scripture references

        GENESIS 14:18

        GENESIS 28:20-23

         MATTHEW 23:23

        1 CORINTIANS 16:1-4

        MALACHI 3:8-12

In God We Trust.018.jpeg

If you want to take the 90-Day-Tithe Challenge with us and see how God will throw open the floodgates in your life...Fill out our Challenge Card here, or grab one at church and put it in an offering box.

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