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 parents !

To ensure the safety of your child, and the absolute best encounter with God while at camp, 

Revive Church REQUIRES you to print out and go over with your camper, the following forms: STUDENT GUIDLINES, WHAT TO BRING TO CAMP, AND SECURITY AND MEDICAL INFO.  If you are over 18, YOU are solely responsible for reading and adhering to all guidelines and rules.  If you haven't already filled out and returned the REGISTRATION FORM, please print out and do so.

student guidelines
what to
bring to camp
security and
medical info
additional tips:

Most forgotten items when going to camp:  BEDDING AND PILLOW, don't forget yours. Rooms don't include em.

Cell Phone Rule:  You can bring your cell phone, but no phones during sessions, Pastor Shannon will take them up if he sees them.  We encourage all campers to put their phones away and only use them to talk to parents and only if needed.  We are on our phones all the time.  Let's go ONE WEEK, without our noses plugged in to that distraction.  Let's give GOD our undivided attention!!!

We will be carpooling to camp.  Please be at Revive Church at 9:00 am Monday morning June the 27th.  The camp is located on the campus of Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie Texas (about 2.5 hours away).  We will be stopping for lunch on the way and on the return home (your meals will be paid for).  We will be returning to the same spot on Friday July 1st, sometime in the afternoon.  Exact time will be discovered on July 1st about an hour before we get back, other words, we will have your camper call you on Friday and let you know the exact time. (Typically, we get back sometime between 2pm and 4pm)


MONEY:  Camp fees include ALL meals, this includes a meal to and from camp, as well as gas to get us there.  Fees also include a T-Shirt (unless you signed up super late after shirts were already ordered, but I'll still try my best to get everyone a t-shirt).  BUT PLEASE BRING EXTRA MONEY WITH YOU TO CAMP!  Campers will want money for drinks, snacks, merchandise, and pizza (it's always a yummy late night treat)!

If you have any questions, please contact our awesome youth leader Jermaine Jackson! 903-235-5649

Or our super cool camp coordinator Diann Pickard!  903-985-3088


Luv ya, 

Pastor Shannon

servant leaders/counselors

Please read this form, download and print it, and look over it again while at camp.

servant leader guidelines
servant leader
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