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mission statement

LEAD | equip | send

"If you want to know what it's like to walk on water,

you have to step out of the boat."



The heart of our church is to carry out the great commission set forth in Matthew 28.  In short, to Revive broken people and a broken world.  To LEAD people to the Lord, get them SAVED, REVIVED, and CONNECTED to the God, EQUIP them in The Word and in their own unique gifts from God, and to SEND them out to share and serve the expansion of His kingdom.


Our desire is to see people LIVING the Gospel and SHARING the Good News of Jesus, not just sitting in a building or classroom "playing church." Jesus wants us to follow Him and become fishers of men (Matthew 4:19), bringing light to a dark world.  






the church i see

God woke me up many nights in a row, stirring in my spirit.  He showed me a church.  I began to write as fast as I could and His words just flowed.  This is what I saw.  

The church that I see is a church that unites.  Unites people and individuals, but also that unites THE Church....God's church - God's churches in the city, and expanding to God's churches throughout America. A church so full of life, love, and passion for Christ and His people that it cannot be ignored.  


A church of influence dedicated to the great commission and bringing Christianity back to the forefront of the American way of life.  


The church that I see stands for freedom.  A people who are free in Christ and not bound in religion or legalism.  A church centered and planted in Christ holding the belief that through Jesus we are a new creation.  A church that empowers it's people to release the past with forgiveness and to take charge of their futures. With the help of the Holy Spirit, to not just "follow" their heart, but to LEAD it!


The church I see has explosive new heights in praise and worship!  Where the music of God is celebrated and the sounds of the heavens break bondages, tear down walls, and restore life and energy to His body. A place where the shouts and praises of earth meet the songs of the Heavenly's. 

....Let Earth and Heaven sing!


I see a fun church. An innovative church.  One with clear, entertaining messages that stretch globally through videos and technology.  Exciting and even viral messages will infiltrate media and be so powerful and engaging that people can't wait to share with others.


I see a family focused church that also embraces those in single where all people from all walks of life can better each other and thrive-the young and new, and the old and wise.

I see lives changed, marriages and loves rekindled, and children raised up to be mighty soldiers of God.  I see the church kids in America taking over their schools because they are linked together with an eternal vision.  America is NOT lost. The church is NOT lost.


I see a church that ignites revival in this land!  A church with a vision that stretches across this country, but with an inviting spirit for the local community to call "home."


I see a church whose roots run strong in community, body life, accountability, spiritual authority, and covenant.  A Christian community that doesn't just play church, but really lives out Christ's charge to bear one another's burdens.  A church full of committed relationships and loyalty, rejecting an independent spirit, but embracing togetherness.


I see a church that raises up soldiers of prayer.  Warriors! army of praying people that makes any weapons formed against us, tremble. A church whose prayers shake the Heavens and command the angels!  


I see a church whose alters are constantly full of repented sinners. A Bible-based, Christ-centered church creating deep disciples with a contagious spirit, quickly impacting more than just the people inside the building. A church with massive vision and a fire raging so big that the walls can't contain, and buildings can't expand fast enough. 


I see a new church. A hungry church. An exciting church!  A family of believers networked throughout this country and tied with a common bond. A church that champions the call for all other churches to unite and stand, to rise up and proclaim that Jesus is Lord!  Love God, love each other, and love life!


-Shannon Pickard

what we believe

We believe that God is the all powerful, all mighty, alpha and omega…the Great I Am! Creator of all things and author of goodness, healing, and miracles.


We believe that the Bible is the unadulterated divine word of God himself, inspired through man. It is always right, and never contradicts itself.Jesus Christ is the son of God, who came to save the world, the messiah, and that through Jesus, salvation is granted.


We believe Christ lived a flawless life, stood in our place, and died so that we may see the power of our God to overcome any and all situations and weapons formed against us, and even conquered death so that we, His followers, can have eternal life!


We believe that our place in eternity, whether Heaven or Hell, is determined by our response to our Lord and savior.


We believe that Christ is coming back, though we do not know the day nor the hour.


We believe in salvation, water baptism, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, made evident by many signs, including speaking in tongues.


We believe in the power of prayer!We believe that in Christ, you are a brand new creation. Through the confession of our sins, and repentance, we are forgiven, totally and completely, healed and transformed!


We believe in the corporate gathering of His people. And the building of His church, the body of Christ, and in the power of assembling together.


We believe in building relationships through love and forgiveness, without judgement or condemnation.


We believe that we all have spiritual giftings and a purpose much bigger than ourselves….to fulfill His great commission, to be attractive to the world, to be a light, to spread the good news of the gospel, and to expand His kingdom. God has equipped us and prepared us to fulfill that purpose.

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