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21 Days of 
Prayer and
Why do we fast?

So we can feast. Fasting in a Biblical sense is abstaining from something, typically food, to help create an added awareness of our weakness and our need for God's strength inside our souls. By not paying as much attention to one thing we are able to pay more attention to something else. In fasting, we surrender ourselves to God, showing Him that a relationship with Him is a priority in our lives. Dedicating ourselves to prayer and fasting brings us to a new level of spiritual dependance and renews our perspective, commitment and resolve.


There is a scripture in Matthew where the disciples were facing a pretty big "mountain" (spiritual wall or conflict).  And Jesus says, "THIS type of mountain can only be moved from prayer AND fasting!"

But fasting without prayer is just a diet...and it doesn't work!  The idea is that you replace the time you spend eating, preparing food, cleaning up the kitchen, etc., with time spent with God.  It's super interesting that soon into the fast you realize the things you think you need the most, you really don't.  God will provide and sustain you!

As a church we will prepare ourselves for all God has for us in 2024 by going on a fast and committing to daily prayer for twenty-one days, from January 8th – January 28th.

You can fast anything you choose... meat, soda, sugar, etc. Some people choose to go on a fast from something other than food, such as a social media fast.  WHAT you fast is between you and God.  The point is that you are making a legitimate SACRIFICE that alters your schedule/routine in a major way.  One of the most common fasts that people often do is a Daniel Fast.

What is a Daniel Fast?


A Daniel Fast is based on stories in the Bible starting with Daniel 1, where Daniel, a young man from Judah who has been taken captive to serve in the king’s palace, refuses delicacies offered by the king. He had an excellent spirit within him and purposed in his heart he would not defile himself with unclean food that was against Old Testament law. He asked his supervisor to let him eat vegetables and water for a time, and at the end of that time he is found to be in better appearance and shape than those who ate the delicacies. God gave Daniel great favor in knowledge and skill, and the gift of understanding vision and dreams. In Daniel 10, he also spends 21 days fasting and praying, to humble himself before God and receive understanding.


We take part in the Daniel Fast as a church to renew and refocus our spiritual commitment to God through prayer and dependance on Him.


During this fast, we will remove meat, sweets, and bread from our diets and consume water, juice, fruits, vegetables, and lentils (Daniel 1: 5-21 and Daniel 10: 2,3). The Daniel Fast is similar to a vegan diet in that it excludes the consumption of animal products and also excludes processed foods, additives, preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners, alcohol, and products made with white flours.


If you need additional guidance on what to eat during a Daniel Fast, download this PDF for guidelines.

scripture references
  • Daniel 10:2-3

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