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True Growth Happens In Circles

                            "house to house;"  Acts 20:20, 5:42

Sunday church is the showroom floor.  But the real work (where you get all the clinks and clatters out) happens in the shop around back.  Small groups are a great way to connect with people and take a deeper look at your life through the eyes of Christ alongside like-minded folks.  They are full of encouragement, connections, and powerful Biblical material to help you get from where you are now to where God wants you to be.

"Small Groups" is not a new's ancient.  It's the growth model that Jesus used to carry out the start of the church and fulfill the great commission.  "I lead a small group of people to go out and lead a small group of people, then they go out and lead a small group of people," and so on = explosive growth of God's Kingdom.

This is a chance to invite your neighbors, co-workers, old friends, etc to join in our walk with Christ.  It's much more than just a bible study.  It's also sharing food, laughing til it hurts, growing in life in a relevant way, and just hanging out with some of your favorite know, what Jesus did.

Below are the groups and the information about each group.  Pick one that works best for you and your family.  Just contact the hosts (text or call) using their information and let them know you're coming, or ask questions.  


Meeting on the third Sunday of the month at 6:00 pm at our home located at 15056 cr 173 Kilgore.  We will study scripture and books that focus on how to reach people for Christ and how to present the gospel in our current culture. We also will be doing outreach activities on a regular basis with the group. This will be an opportunity to study the word and put it to work.  

Jody Clements - 903-646-0300

Courtney Clements - 903-646-1860

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Ongoing:  Ladies, come join us for fellowship and fun every Friday morning at 10:10am.  

We meet currently at Coffee and T's

(716 Glencrest) in Longview.

Martha Whitaker - 903-738-1276

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Ladies only , Starting July 7th

Thursdays at 6:30pm at 906 Mccann Rd right next to LNR Automotive in Longview. 

Lighthearted laughter and love as we explore living out the gospel right where you are at. Coffee and refreshments provided. 

We will be meeting in a working art and craft space, so no kiddos please.

Mylinda Burns - 903.237.8934

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Meeting in the home of John and Brittany DeHart

1202 Ridgeview Ln., Longview 75604

Any age and children welcome.  We are a family with 3 children, so all ages are welcome. 

Every Other Sunday, 5:00 - 6:30pm

Focusing on fellowship and relationship building including a Biblical discussion. (For example, Sunday’s sermon recap, life testimonials)

John DeHart - 903-238-1403

Brittany DeHart - 903-238-1404

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Blueletterbible Study led by Shay Caffey will run the next 4 Thursdays in June. There is only room for 8 people in this class, so hurry and sign up if you are hungry to master the use of this amazing Bible study Tool.   Class begins promptly at 5:30 with finger foods, snacks and drinks provided.  It will change the way you study the Word.  Bring a notepad, a pen, and any questions about scriptures you have. She will show you how to find the answers. There will be no childcare, so make arrangements if you come. 

Shay Caffey - 903-746-3918

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joseph and kaelie maberry

Rejuvenate Young Adult Ministry will meet every third Saturday of the month at 10am at the home of Joseph and Kaelie Maberry. Coffee will be served! This group is for those anywhere in the “post-college” phase to the “we may be 35, but we feel like we’re 25” phase! Children are welcome, but no childcare will be provided. Through Rejuvenate, we want to build close relationships through game nights, sport activities, and especially being able to sit together and dig into the Word as a group. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Joseph Maberry - 903-399-8641

Kaelie Maberry - 903-387-1900

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Come one, come all! Join us for a time of fun, food and fellowship! The goal of this group is to grow friendships and grow in the Lord together. We will be partying at 2:00 on Sunday afternoons, the 2nd Sunday of every month. Bring a friend!

ALL ages WELCOME!!!”

Tom Dosdall - 586-350-5805

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