small groups

True Growth Happens In Circles

                            "house to house;"  Acts 20:20, 5:42

Sunday church is the showroom floor.  But the real work (where you get all the clinks and clatters out) happens in the shop around back.  Small groups are a great way to connect with people and take a deeper look at your life through the eyes of Christ alongside like-minded folks.  They are full of encouragement, connections, and powerful Biblical material to help you get from where you are now to where God wants you to be.

"Small Groups" is not a new's ancient.  It's the growth model that Jesus used to carry out the start of the church and fulfill the great commission.  "I lead a small group of people to go out and lead a small group of people, then they go out and lead a small group of people," and so on = explosive growth of God's Kingdom.

This is a chance to invite your neighbors, co-workers, old friends, etc to join in our walk with Christ.  It's much more than just a bible study.  It's also sharing food, laughing til it hurts, growing in life in a relevant way, and just hanging out with some of your favorite know, what Jesus did.