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How Do You Know Who's Talking?

There's lots of noise out there.  How do you know it's God's voice, and not just your own flesh?  

Don't miss these 3 tried and true confirmations to know the step you're stepping on, is the solid rock of Christ.

pastor shannon's notes


How do you know who'd talking?


[Title Slide] Hearing the Voice of God


all the crazy things they do, they blame on God, God told me to do it……nope, that’s not how it works


you won’t be able to pick up on, you’ll miss if you don’t know how to hear the voice of God


Romans 8:14

   it says we ought to be led by God if we’re the children of God



  1. God’s Word            No one automatically hears from God and is good at it.

    that’s why God wants us in a church.  you’re gonna need questions answered, compare notes, you  need to learn from older people who are good at it.  There’s never a place in your life where you don’t need Godly counsel


What is God saying to you?


    Primary way He speaks to us is in His written word.  If you wanna hear God you must listen to His written word.  I get it, some of it’s hard to understand.  Get a version you DO understand.  There’s so many good Bibles there’s no excuse not to read bc you don’t understand.  Download the you version app.


[slide]    the written word is the vocabulary of the Holy Spirit


    [Slide] John 14:26, John 16:13

        the holy spirit is going to work with the Bible.  He will cause you to remember things that you read in the Bible.  

    (dad’s story when we were hunting and had to tell him about God healing)

        i remembered scriptures about healing and authority from when i was a kid


When you read God’s word…..You gotta obey it


Story of J Gill saying give up acting bc of denying yourself Luke 9:23


Even when you do something that you think will leave you brokenhearted, there’s a comfort and an exciting sensation in knowing that you followed the scriptures and what following the scriptures is gonna bring you.



There are things that aren’t in the Bible, God’s word doesn’t talk about em.

    “Should we buy this house?”  Should I start this business?”


  1. Holy Spirit (Inward Witness)

    [Slide] Rom 8:16  We are the children of God

        African American church…….”Can I get a witness!”

    The Bible says the Holy Spirit will say AMEN!

        or the HS will say, OH NO

    The first time it happens, is when you get saved…..Rom 8:16

    The devil will tell you you’re a loser, there’s no way you can do that.  you’re too short, you don’t make enough money for that, you aren’t educated enough, your skin’s the wrong color……but the Holy Spirit says, oh yes you can!  YOU are a child of God.  I can do all things….  I am more than a conquerer.  He witnesses to us!


And sometimes He makes us investigate that witness we sense on the inside

We think that if we pray about it, God’s gonna just lay it all out in front of us….

    sometimes He doesn’t.  Sometimes He makes us investigate, with threadbare leather soles, travel.  

[Slide] Acts 16:6-10.  They go to 6 places…..they went and listened to their sensation.

    (stop reading before Macedonia )

    Why does God do that?  Why did’t God save em a whole lotta walking?

    There’s a reason….

    They had trouble when they got to macedonia. paul and silas were beaten and thrown in jail.  But God did not want them to doubt that they had done the right thing.  This church that they would found in Macedonia, the church of Philipi, would become the largest giving church partner to Paul for the rest of his life.  He would never have founded it had he not honored what God told him to do.  God gave him a comparison.  Sometimes you can’t recognized the right thing, until you’ve investigated the wrong thing.


Sometimes God leads you down a road…but it’s a culdesac and you have to go like this…




Don’t listen for voices.  saying God talk to me right now…..

    no, the HS speaks to us in MANY ways…seldom is it a voice in our minds

    Satan has the power of suggestion in our minds…watch out what’s in your head

    Let Him speak in HIS way in HIS time.



  1. Circumstances.  There’s a pretty obvious step in front of you.  God guides His children in steps, not leaps!

    [Slide} Pslam 37:23 Prov 16:9 Gen 12:9


    People that i’ve seen get in trouble take these huuuuge leaps.  make business deals that require everything they own.  ..They bet the whole farm….and then wonder why..

    But there’s a leap of faith… there’s not.  you will not find that anywhere in the Bible.  There’s a step of faith.  But the Bible does talk about a leap.  it’s when satan told Jesus if you are the son of God, leap off this cliff and the angels will catch you.  and Jesus recognized that wasn’t a word from God.


A step is something you can do without tearing your pants.  a step is solid.  We saw people sometimes come into the ministry and they just said, God told us to come.  do you have a job, no.  place to live, no, any money, no.  But God told us to come.  Why did He tell you to come here?  idk but He did.    Back home they had a house, jobs, cars, etc…   GOD IS A MAN OF ORDER…. When God told Abraham to go and He will find the land when he gets there….when he got there, there was land!  Now God does challenge us and stretch us, but God does not lead us to do stupid stuff.  


House in Wharton….then…

Our house in Katy…..just felt right.  the money was there.  it’s was close to the school.  it was close to the main artery into houston

Those were steps, not leaps


You hear about these giant leaps….it’s just cause that’s the exciting part to tell.  but there’s ALWAYS steps before that.

David and Goliath……before that a lion….before that a bear…..and you know he killed coyotes too



Listen to God’s voice.  quit saying idk if this is God’s voice.  start saying I am my father’s sheep, I know His voice.  The voice of a stranger I will not hear, I follow the Lord.  Start saying that.  it’s from John 10


You start saying this over yourself and you’ll hear God’s voice.

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