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THE messiah family christmas tree

The famous story about Jesus happens in Luke 2 and in Matthew 2.  But before any chapter 2 can be good, there must be a chapter 1.  Why does God begin His New Testament with a genealogy?  What's so important about this family tree that it's the very first thing we read about Jesus?

pastor shannon's notes

the messiah family christmas tree

Micah 5

Prophecy boy Christmas

Matthew only quotes part, 



The family tree

   Getting Christmas tree

       Cut, pick, box


Eventually u tell the Christmas story, but..

Christmas looks better from a distance

That's not the whole story...king, divorce, Mary, people do math, it followed him

That's what was going on, it looks good in nativity

That's Luke 2, but how bout 1

Matthew 1, geniology, read

Jesus might say that's family tree

Today it's a novelty, back then it was huge

Best way to describe is ur resume, portfolio, opens door. That's what geniology was back then 

Text tells us he's the messiah....superman character 

    Super Mario cartridge

But u had to fulfill a lot of criteria

Had to prove related to David

Not eligible wputgeniology 

   He went ahead n went all the way to Abraham

    Lord of rings, game of thrones, simba 

He didn't have to be as honest as he was. 

His branches are twisted

Genealogy like a resume was glossy, best foot forward.  

   "What about these years here?"

Herod did, but Jesus does opposite

Vs 5 Rahab. Woman. Nobody would include that. She is first of many. Jesus cane to world where treated women poorly, and he elevated women

She also introduced


   If u were writing it u wouldn't include that. 

Judah n Tamar...


   Judah is Tamars father in law. He thought she was prostitute 

You didn't need that. David was enough. 

And then who Solomon was. Uriah a wife. David and Bathsheba wasn't necissary 




   Moabite Ruth, Canaanite from Jericho who was sworn enemy of jews  

     Not even pure blood

Most wouldn’t include all this but Jesus owns it…….it’s appropriate his tree is so messy bc

Humanity is lost bc of a tree


   Australian tree pic


Gen 3

You will not surely die

They died

Hang on, they didn't die

Spiritual vs physical

Quote from book, Adrian Rogers


the world leaves you empty still….still wanting more

Created to know God

Man is dead spiritual and dying physically

All going to die physically 

   Die sprityally, stuck, frozen, hell

But God also turned to devil

   I declare war 

"I'm gonna crush...

Christmas is when he made good

Gift isn't a present, it's a person

It's not a gift that's under the tree, it's on it

when He sent His son, born of a woman, Born in the flesh, under the law, at the perfect time

"Raise cross"

Not just for u, as though he was you 

Who himself bore our sins

It's about him dying on cross but being raised. 


Back to Micah, which is distinguished?

   This is just his mother's side


Christmas is not a holiday it's a rescue mission

He didn't die for u, he died as though he were you

The birth of Christ isn't about getting into heaven when u die, it's about getting Heaven into your heart when you live

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