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 The Tomb Is Empty

I wonder how much stuff out of the Bible you don’t believe.

 In the 3 years of His ministry….all the miracles were done in public…and people saw it…IN PUBLIC.... ALL the time


He said, if you kill me, i’m getting up.


This is a small town, everybody knows what’s going on.

   The beating, 39 times

   He hangs for 6 hours

    all done in public!

    He dies, put in the tomb, huge rock, the navy seals of the day stood guard. He’s dead



pastor shannon's notes



The Tomb Is Empty



Luke 24


Laugh Factory / Teen Talk


I wonder how much stuff out of the Bible you don’t believe


In the story….Jesus rode from the dead, same story every year

  3 years….all the miracles…and people saw it…in public all the time

   undisputed heavy weight king of all kings

   if you kill me, i’m getting up

    small town, everybody knows what’s going on

   beating, 39 times

   hangs for 6 hours

    all done in public!

    dies, tomb, rock, navy seals. He’s dead

  but they remember, so guard the tomb in case they steal it

   they were hiding, they were scared



you may be saying I don’t believe all that


when people ask you….why have this celebration, Good Friday, Easter?

    I posted the answer to that this week on our fb page

    If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, the Bible is a fake, thrown it in the trash

    but if it’s true, He’s  the only one you have to follow, bc all the other religious leaders are dead.

    and if you’re trusting in something to get you past death, you better make sure that that thing you’re trusting in, got past death, itself!


Read Luke 24


Roman soldiers failed


vs 4


He is Risen!


…did not believe


let me tell you something….all of us are sinners….we’re all going to leave this earth one day and stand before the Lord and He’s going to ask you one simple quesiont….what did you do with my son Jesus Christ?  if your sin isn’t forgiven, you’re going to go to hell, but if your sin is forgiven, you’re going to go to heaven.  My son died for your sins.  what did you do with my son Jesus?  you’re not gonna come into heaven bc you’re cute, bc your family has money, you live in america, help people, went to a church, your’e only going to go to heaven bc you ask Jesus to forgive your sins and you give your life to Him.  


Now you may say, I don’t believe that.  Ok…you can choose not to believe it if you want to….it doesn’t change the facts!

You can be driving 100mph……..


He says vs11…they did not believe…





    Here’s why it’s important that you know it’s true.  bc if it’s not true, it’s all a lie!  you have no hope of ever being forgiven and you’re just going to die.  This is all a lie….throw the Bible in the trash. Christianity is a fraud.


But if it’s TRUE, then you HAVE to surrender your life to Him.  He said i am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.  if it’s true, you better take heed to what He said.  if you don’t  then you deserve what you get.


so let’s take a look at these truths:


    1.     The tomb is empty - There’s no mystery where He was buried…the tomb is empty, you can go there today.  

    people have been looking for the body for 2,000 year bc the devil knows……bin laden, bigfoot

    why has He not been found?  bc He’s not here

    2.     The Bible uses women to tell the story - a woman was 2nd 3rd 4th class, not valid in court.  bc they wouldn’t say it unless it was true!  so true they couldn’t shut up about it

    3.      The apostles who were hiding….cowards, denying him right and left, all the sudden were bold!  Peter, preaches and 3000get saved.  paul riding….going to arrest Christians, he saw a risen Christ….and he said Lord!  The Ananias prayed for him and he could see.  Philip baptized a Unich and he was raptured right there where he was.  Apostles went from scared to preachers putting their life on the line.  Told to stop or they would be killed, they said, be quiet,  “who are we to submit to you or God”…..where did they get that boldness?!!!  THEY SAW A RISEN SAVIOR!  One of the reasons why people today are still going to church but there life isn’t changed, it’s bc they haven’t seen a risen savior.  I don’t mean with their eyes, I mean with their faith!  It’s just religion. They just go to church, do the good boy thing, but their life isn’t any different….  It’s about a God who rose from the dead and wants to give you eternal life.  And when you see that, and really grasp that, you go, I don’t care what people think any more, I just want to do what God wants me to do!        

    4.    You want to see evidence of a Risen Savior….take a look at the people around you whose lives are changed!  Some of y’all used to be jacked up!  and now you’re not….as much jacked up.   curse all the time, addicted, sleep around, sick, scared to speak in public…    This is what God does.  Jesus’ own brother, did not believe became the leader of the church in J.  why ?  bc it’s TRUE.  When you see evidence.  all of you know people in your life who was blind and now they see.  Something they couldn’t do, now they can, stuff they did, now they don’t

    5.    Large crowds of people, 500 at one time saw Him.  

    6.    Paul, who approved the killings, was transformed.  1st matter, Stephen, Paul said yes I approve and lets get some more

    7.    They died, all of em, and more, died….      Except John…..boiling oil….survived.  if that didn’t kill you, so they exiled you, Revelations - got you out here to talk….vision of all visions….get you away from computers and cell phones.    They all died - Stephen was stoned, James beheaded, Phillip was crucified, James was beat and stoned and brains gushed out, Mathius stoned and beheaded, Andrew was crucified, Mark was dragged to pieces,  Peter was crucified upside down, and we complain bc we don’t get the car we want, the house we want, the job we want, the hours we want, the girl we want, the guy we want, we complain bc we get persecuted by people that don’t know any better.  These guys said WE THERE’S A HEAVEN AND THERE’S A LIVING GOD!  We aren’t going to even let death turn us back

    8.    And last, you have a hunger in your heart for more!  You know there’s more in this life.  You know there’s more to it.  bc there’s a hole in your heart…..its design for Christ to live.  only designed for Christ to fill.  That hole in your heart is driving you to ask questions.    




He created us to have a relationship with Him.  And we WANT that!  We get it temporarily through relationships, through making deals, through concert experiences….but all that stuff is temporary.  God says, I have rivers of living water to flow through your life.  I want to give you eternal happiness, joy, peace, LIFE!  and life everlasting. new life.  In other words, the resurrection that I experience on Easter….I want to give to you!  I want to give you the eternal HS to live within you that you may feel my love, that you may experience my peace and power in your life, that you may hear my voice.  


You may think you can have that stuff from doing all the earth things.  God says, go through all that stuff, the driving the lying, the sleeping around, the cheating, etc….being miss cute thing, mr fly guy.   and when you get to the end of your rope, come on back and I’ll show that that yearning in your heart is for a relationship with me.  That’s IT.  I want to give you new life.  the eternal life that i have.  


I know that when I leave here….I’m there!  flash!


And that is bc I have seen a Risen Savior!  Jesus died and rose so that I can do the same!


vs 11 Peter said…..I have to know


My prayer for you right now is that you would have an urgency in your heart, that you would HAVE to know


    1.     Pray…Christ says if you confess your sins and accept Christ as the Savior….you would be forgiven…..

we’re going to pray and you’re going to come right up here.  I know we did it last week… we gonna do it again


    2.     You’ve prayed this before, but you want more.  I want to believe more.  Help my unbelief.  and your’e going to come right here.  some need to believe more, instead of telling the God, and the Bible which parts your going to believe and living how it best suits YOU, you need to say, God I believe it ALL, and I want it ALL.  which btw, if any part of this is not true, throw it all away!



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