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A Matter Of Trust; 90 Day Tithe Challenge


Revive’s mission is to connect people to a growing and reproducing relationship with Christ.  Part of growing in our faith is learning to trust God with our finances.  God calls us to do this by returning to him 10% of all he has provided to us.  As commanded in scripture, 100% of our church’s tithes go toward building Revive Church, and supporting and funding projects to help His people and build His kingdom.  This is one area of our faith God commands us to TEST him in.


Malachi 3:10 Bring the full tithe into the store house, that there may be food in my house.  And thereby put me to the test, says the LORD of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing that there will not be room to receive it!

pastor shannon's notes

A Matter of Trust 

90 Day Tithe Challenge



How many of you want a blessed marriage? then surrender it to God

   How bout a blessed education?, career?, finances?!   Then surrender it to God.


Genesis 14


Go over all of what we’ve done this year…  we took 20+ kids to camp this summer, did a praise day outreach for the mall community that ministered to dozens of people, have a fully functioning children ministry, offer wednesday night Bible study open to the public,  acquired this building, in the process of getting a sign, etc….  


However, even though we’ve been growing, the income has not grown, the income comes from you, the believer.  I want to teach on tithing and what it means to you.  We teach on this once a year.  If you’re new and you're thinking, "oh this a church about money…..well, let me tell you, in 1 whole year, this is the first message we've had concerning tithing or money."  But, t's a Biblical principle the same as baptism, communion, etc...  

My job as pastor is to tell you what the Bible says, your job is to go to God and do what He tells you to do…..

When you talk about money, sometimes people’s undies get all up in a bunch…….But, God wants more than your money.  God wants your HEART.  We want all the resources we can get so we can do all the ministry we can do.  It's as simple as this.....The more money we get....the more resources, more projects, and the more people we can help, that’s really the bottom line.  Your job is to be obedient to God, and just respond if He lays it on your heart.


Here's the 90 day challenge:  If you will trust God, and trust His word, and His promises according to scripture as it pertains to our finances, and give Him the first 10% of your increase as a way to glorify and honor Him...and do it faithfully for 90 days.....if you don't receive a blessing, Revive Church will give you your money back!  

If you choose to accept it, just fill this out, and turn it in to the offering box.
















Get 14:  Abraham has just rescued his nephew Lot, and he took all the spoils, and when they get back, they meet Melchisedek.  14:18.   First time tithe is spoken about.  


1.  A Tithe is the first 10% of what you receive from God

      People often aren't sure what to tithe on....the gross or the net?  I simply respond with, "What do you want God to bless?"  Do I take taxes out first, what about SS or health insurance?  What do you want God to bless?  All of your finances or just part of your finances?

    Your whole career or just part of it?

           Your whole marriage, or just part of it?  Just the time you come to church?  Or do you want Him to bless you all week long?

    Surrender all.  I’m not saying you should give it all, everything you have.....but I am saying ask God, "what do you want me to do with it?"  "How would you have me manage your money Lord?


    GEN 28:  Jacob had a visitation with the Lord in a place called Bethel.  The angels ascended and descended in that place and he called it God’s house.  Vs 22

    That’s old Test…. murder, adultery… don’t ever want to say it’s in the old test so it doesn’t apply… the very least in spirit applies eternally bc it’s Gods character.  it sometimes changes how you express the truth….  they had laws, no prison, no hospital, no sanitation….they didn’t have all the stuff we have today, but the concepts and the overall "message" was and is the same yesterday , today , and forever.  They just executed it in a diff way from the old test vs new test.


    Matt 23:23…jesus told them, you STILL  pay the tithe….

    Tithing is OLD AND NEW

    People say i live under grace I don’t have to pay tithe.  Well you don’t HAVE to do anything.  You don’t have to PRAY

    RECEIVE Christ/Heaven….. 



Please don’t think EVER that you can do nothing and still receive the blessing of doing something!  


Thats not what grace means.  

    What grace means, is that when you do what God has asked you to do, He blesses you WAAAAY more than you deserve.   In this particular case….I’m giving you a bunch of stuff.  You give me 10 and you keep 90, and I bless the 90!  So much that you don’t even miss the 10!  Law is you give 10, you get 10.  Grace is you give 10, and God blesses it so much, your vats and storehouse are overflowing!  You can’t handle the blessing. 


GRACE is you say a little prayer, and AAAAALLLLLLLLLL your sins are wiped away and that little prayer keeps you from hell!  God gives you way more than you deserve.  Don’t ever think you deserve what you got.  


God’s a giver!  Jesus died on the cross, He graciously gave His life.  He didn’t give 10%, He gave 100%.  His whole life!  He wants your Whole life.  Some folks give 10% of your life.  I’m gonna go to church twice a month, I’m gonna put $2 in the offering box, when I call, I want shannon on the phone now, and get mad if you’re not available.  no no no, I’m gonna give my whole life to Christ, and He blesses you more than you can handle


2.  Tithe is a SOURCE of blessing

    1 Corinth 16.  The original concept of tithe was to support ministry.  Read…this is written to a church.  On the first day of the week….  let each of you…

    2 Cron 31.  talks about the purpose of your tithe.  lights on, carpet, air, Read…

    in other words the people gave so much we were able to live (the people in ministry) and we had so much left over….

    the purpose of the tithe is to support the ministry

    Duet 26.  TITHE IS ALSO a source of blessing to yourself.  It belongs to God, you don’t want to hold onto it, you want to get rid of it, so you can secure a blessing.  If you hold onto it, you secure a curse.  A curse is in the least the absence of a blessing.  Vs 12, then you can say i have removed the holy tithe from my house.  holy means it is set aside for God’s purpose and it’s still with you.  You have something that belongs to God

    Example of saying sorry.  

      To know what to do and not do it, is sin!  

    Once you give the tithe up and give it to God…it’s not yours!  Read to “land of milk and honey”

    God says i’m gonna give you the land, and bless you with the land, but I want my tithe.  You want the blessing, I want my tithe.  If you keep the tithe in your house, you’re stealing from me, i’m not gonna bless you, very simple.  But bc of grace, i’m gonna bless you WAY more than what you give.


3.  Offerings are over and above our tithe.  Offerings are for projects.  We support other projects going on.  Hwy 80, if we will just do this, they will do that.  Kid cried, and transformed at the youth rally.  Community Center……This is real, feeding people who can’t eat, transforming a kids life who’s been told she’s worthless.  Having a harvest fest that feeds people right outside our doors….we don’t have the money….  We’re not trying to get rich on you, it’s ministry.  


    It’s a win win.  you say Lord you ask me to tithe, I tithe, they get blessed, I get blessed, people are blessed, what’s the catch????  THERE’S NO CATCH W GOD

Back a little.  I’m a jerk, i’m a sinner, my life is all jacked up, I give my problems to God and He blesses me!  what’s the catch? there is no catch!  just glorify God


 4.  The tithe was a sign of appreciation and trust because it actually belongs to and comes from God.  

    You may say, i don’t believe that, i believe everything i got i got and it’s mine.  that’s fine, here’s what i would encourage you to do.  I would encourage you and God to have a chat.  you say to God, hey God i heard at church pastor said everything i have belongs to you and came from you.  well i don’t believe that.  i believe that i did this work and i acquired it and it’s mine.  you should tell God that.  just so your’e on the same page.  bc in His mind, He provided you w everything, your life, talent, opportunity, wisdom.  so you might want to tell Him that it’s yours.  and you might want to tell Him that He can’t touch it.  bc it’s all yours.  now as a pastor i will tell you, don’t say that.  but if that’s what you believe you need to clarify that with the Lord bc He’s under a very different impression.

This (body) belongs to God.  I gotta do you right by this, by this (mouth)


5.  A tithe is not giving, it’s RETURNING.     It's ALL God's, we are just to manage it while we're here.  And He says, "Let me see what you do with it"  If you do well with it, He gives you more.

    how many have kids?  let me see what you do with it


    that beautiful face

     with your     shake it     money maker

    with your house   (our house)

    God is a giver!


6.   Tithing is not an issue of money. It's an issue of the heart.  Only tithe haters don't tithe

    Matthew 6:19, read.     Not saying you can’t have nice things, or if you have nice things, you have to give it all to the church.  it’s saying honor God with all that stuff.  I’m gonna use it in a way that honors you.  cars, house, body, etc.  so that i’m gonna get riches in Heaven……….vs 21.  if you want to know where someones heart is, look at their checkbook.    We often say, "come into my heart….but not my pocket"  


90 day tithe challenge, our promise to u, 90%w the blessing better than 100% on your own

Malachi 3:8-10, very last page of old testament 

    only one place in bible God says test me

    you rob someone when you have something that belongs to them and you are keeping illegally

    this is a prophet talking to israel, the church

    “curse”     it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things will happen to you.  but it does mean that the blessings you could be receiving, you are not receiving.  

    you’re working really hard, maybe even making more money, but your lifestyle is the same.

    you’re working really hard, and your’e not getting a raise.

                        …and your’e not getting a promotion

                        …and you’re relationship still is messed up

    cause Gods not blessing you, that’s why.

    when God blesses you, things accelerate beyond even making sense

    God says, yeah you could work, i’m gonna let you work, but you’re not going to enjoy it.  you’re going to make money and your’e not going to know where it goes…it’s going to just disappear.  examples.  how many have seen money just disappear.

    Bible says money it has wings like eagles and it flies away.  you know why, it’s called a curse.  it’s not going your way.

    then look what it says: vs 10


    Fill it out:  what tithes are not……10 bucks not a tithe, 10%.  you make 100 grand, that’s 10 thousand. bam.  let taxes take care of itself.  put God above the government.  He will bless you, guaranteed!  FAITH!  I’ve been tithing since….

    take the challenge and if after 90 days……  that also means, IF YOU MISS A SUNDAY, YOU STILL GIVE!

    it does not mean that you’re gonna get all this money!  NECESSARILY.

        it could be a wife.  the right wife is better than money.

    commit and watch what God does

    be careful that you don’t call something that God does, a coincidence.

    you may not get any more money, but you say, you know what….peace.  i enjoy giving, my health is blessed, there’s peace in my family.  i got a good job.  I’M GOOD!


    If you give but don’t tithe, this is for you.  if you tithe, this is still for you.

    After we pray, just sit in your seat and fill it out, and it starts today!  give next week

    And watch what God does.  you say, I’m doing it out of YOUR word, not Shannon’s word.  and i’m gonna honor you, and i’m gonna be honest.  and you are gonna bless me according to your word.  idk what that blessing it but God i trust that whatever blessing you decide i should have, i’m good with that 



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