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Why isn’t my prayer working?

Can you pray wrong?


Jesus TAUGHT us to pray.

In this message, Pastor Shannon takes a look at HOW to pray taking a look at some specific prayers in The Bible.

pastor shannon's notes


Break The Chain of Misguided Prayer..

The One You Don't Event Know Is There.

What we’ve done in the past few weeks


Christ Fest Winner

2 mall events; 400 bottles of water

Played at a youth event

Played at Letourneau

Redid foyer



Acts 16:22-34, when paul and silas’ chains fell off



Bound by YOU

Bound in your own prayer


Why isn’t my prayer working?

Can you pray wrong?

YES, examples

that’s why Jesus TAUGHT us to pray, saying:

In the Garden, Jesus said, let this cup….but YOUR will, not mine


Luke 22:42-43 KJV


We take the very POWER out of prayer, when we pray for God to change a situation.  

When we do that, we are praying for OUR will to be done!  In our very scripture statements, in our very prayer to conquer, we are putting ZERO trust in God!  We’re not trusting HIM, to have HIS compete will…..we are just asking Him to do what we want Him to do.

That kind of prayer has NO power!  


And we walk away feeling like we’ve done something!

“oh I know, I’ll hit my knees…..oooooh I’ll set up a War Room like the movie……I’ll cast out satan, I’ll speak to him with authority


Are you praying for someone’s mind and heart to change???  

Are you using certain scriptures as ammo to fire at your foes?  Jeremiah 29:11 prosperity

Are you praying that satan leave you alone?

Yes you should do that…but don’t stop there

Jesus said, get thee behind me satan, BUT THEN He had some work to do

Matthew 16:21-25

You have to give up YOUR way.  And seek HIS way!  You must read and pray and worship, simply for the fact that you love HIM and want to honor Him and grow your heart according to HIS purpose, not yours!


The only time you read the Bible is when you’re looking for something




all the kids pick up ping pong balls


We pick up darts and throw them to pierce our own desires



2 or 3 gathered; ask anything in my name…


scriptures - log in your eye Luke 6, romans 8:8, 


Stop praying for people to change and looking outward like everything else needs to change but you


James 1:22



Jesus wants a RELATIONSHIP with you!

FOLLOW me Jesus said



JAMES says we can hear the word but if we don't DO it, we’re deceived

James 1:22



Tell me about your prayer life. 

  Do you just pray for things you need?  Are you just throwing darts?!!

Or are you seeking to KNOW God?

Your time w God reflects your commitment level

Your prayer life reflects your commitment level. 

You don't hear about people w strong commitments evident from their time spent, still struggling with addiction, or sexual immorality, or depression. 


They prayed in the upper room for 10 minutes and the fire fell and they changed the world 

NO...the Bible says that they prayed for DAYS

Don't just pray.....ENTER INTO PRAYER

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