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Do you REALLY believe you can do ALL things through Christ?

Today we take a look at changing our own BS...

...Belief System!

(get your head out of the gutter)

pastor shannon's notes


We gotta change our BS

You gotta believe in YOU!


Philipeans 4:13

You can't just st do everything. 

    But I can do all things. Imagine if u believed that!  A job interview 

Paul believed in himself.  "I" came before Christ 

I Believe tells u who u are...and who u are not

I know lots of success people, they are no more gifted than u

Equal opportunity experience. We all come into the world w the same stuff (eyes, ears, etc)....the only differences we have is what u do w what God gave u. 


Moses. The predicament ur in right now doesn't define ur destiny 


He was destined to lead millions, change history. But he was an outcast, on the run, forgotten about. Hidden away, confused at his very own identity. And couldn't even talk right. 


And God gave him a huge assignment. Just bc u feel small doesn't u don't have a big call!


But Moses said, they won't believe me.

Exodus 4:1-5 (KJV)


Moses ran from the serpent.  U gotta stop running and face whatever it is u need to face. If u run from the serpent, you’ll run from everything. 

When will u stop running and start believing 

You'll never be Moses if u run

Ur running from something God gave u

God said take it by the tail. 

   Now when I saw I ran...and now u want me to...

But he did


Squeezy, my son's ball python made an appearance!  What do you have in your life that you are running from?

What's the serpent in your life?

And do you have enough faith / belief to SHOCK people / STIR EM UP!

Every memorable story in the Bible has a shock factor.  They did something others didn't expect.


But we get stifled by our own disbelief:

But they won't believe me. They won't think I'm good enough, qualified enough, I'll never get that loan, they won't give me that job. They won't believe that God can heal it really that THEY won't believe?


When Moses doubts, God doesn't even respond to his unbelief. He takes a look at what he's already got. 


Then tells him to pick up while he's still afraid. Not see first, then pick up. 


It's that very thing that he has to use when he went down to part the water.  He had to get confident w what he had in private, so that he could demonstrate it's power in public


Shock factor


You gotta do something shocking 


Exodus 4:6-12


The word BELIEVE is in this passage 5 times!

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