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Sometimes you just need some good advice from a dad!  ​

In this series, Pastor Shannon gives us the tried and true words to live by, left for us by our Heavenly Father.  

The theme from this service is BE AMAZING!  

No one stands in line for average.  God didn't call us into an mediocrity, He called us into greatness!

pastor shannon's notes


fundamental position 


Speak over people!




Hope will never allow u to be trapped in your present circumstances 


bring you life and you may have it more abundantly


God doesn’t want average in your life


No one stands in line for average



Luke 7:1-10



    “this is a football”

the spiritual fundamentals is the key principal for your success


The power of “so”


as you sow, you reap!

sow into year, other people, church, family, and watch what will happen


what made this man so amazing to Jesus


wouldn’t you like Jesus to turn His head toward you and so, WOW, AMAZING


because of His love for His nation 


  1. Amazing Love John 13:35

  The little bit of love can become amazing


We will be able to give….shine some light, show some love.  tennis shoes, socks, so amazing the city can’t help but take notice….they’ll give you a building

May we be marked by our amazing love


Story of Sanjid on the camera


may they know the love of Jesus when they walk onto this parking lot, walk into the building


2.  Amazing generosity

    he built our synagog 

    they would destroy the temples to rip away their spiritual fundamentals

    but he built it with his own resources

    i want to be known as someone who doesn’t tear stuff down but builds stuff up     

Doesn’t have to do w how much  have, it’s about ur heart

   When the heart is open the hand is open

   Be able to mobilize an army to meet needs


3.  Amazing Honor

    Live a life that honors 

Heb 13:18

1 Sam 2:30

   1. We honor God when we align our lives w the word  prob 21:21

   2.  When we honor each other 

     Speak honor over people

    3.  We honor God when we honor his mission

    We’re on a mission!  wear your mission from God shirt

     Acts 20:24.  All that matters to me...

You were created for the mission of God


We’re not created to be average, we’re created to be salty!

Salt n light, make things better n brighter

Wherever you go, people are a little better and a little brighter

    how can you add a little salt, and a little light?

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