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from the place to the promise

If you've ever accepted Christ into your heart, you have the place.  Just as in Nehemiah, we read that they rebuilt the wall that had been torn down......They HAVE the place now.  

But this message is about getting to the promise.  

God wants to move us from the place to the promise!

pastor shannon's notes

The Place of Promise

If you’ve given your heart to the Lord, you have the place, He has the place in YOU

    how many of you are excited about the getting to the promise?!

Nehemiah….1st 6 chapters are rebuilding….but there are 13 chapters…

We have the place!  I want to get to the promise!

Promise is never passive.  It’s always active.

    if we think we are going to sit around…

chapter 7:1-3



1st thing he did wasn’t a party after the super bowl

it was

  1. Establish Order

    When you are on your way somewhere and your car starts clunk clunk…..and you cuss the devil….NO,

    it’s not a spiritual thing, it’s a practical thing and, your car is not in order.  you didn’t take care of what you needed to take care of 

    and you’re not going to be able to get to where you were called to go!

        1.  develop a plan - I used to work with my sister…order vs seat of pants flying

        2.  Develop people, and who’s developing you?  The call and promise of God on your life is bigger than you, and you can’t do it alone.  Even Jesus had 12 at all times.  How many do you have?

    If you want to see the promise in your life develop, what’s your plan to make that happen?

Well I’m just gonna pray more, fast more….that’s good, but where are you being intentional, orderly, the developing of people around you and development of the process that you’re going to live by that will bring you into the presence of God so that you see the power of God fulfilled into your life.

        3.  Develop Discipline

            you’re gonna have to do what you don’t want to do in order to get where you want to be…or rather…..where God has called you to be.  So many people miss this bc you’re not willing to do what it takes to get you there.  You’re not spending time in His presence and you wonder why you lack in power

Hebrews 12:11.  Discipline yourself to be in the presence of God


He didn’t throw a party….look what they did when they had everything in place

Chapter 8:1-3

what did they do?    what can we learn from that?  imagine a church service like that

…but a whole nation came.  Why?  bc they had a unified purpose, and they came to:


  1. Embrace God’s word.  There is no substitute

    and THEY asked Ezra.  Do you ever ask someone to just get together and explain this to you…READ?  We know that’s the primary way He speaks to us.  I asked this week by a young man…

Another place they come togeth with a purpose:  Seeking God. Acts 2.  

Are you seeking God together?   Get in a group.    Life doesn’t happen in rows, life happens in circles.  

    The people listened closely    

you must embrace His people.  If you can’t embrace His people, you can’t embrace His word.  bc you will always read His word through the lens of offense with the people that have represented Him


We need to operate in forgiveness.  some of us wonder why we have the same issues in our life popping up over and over….. some of us have issues with the people and we’re projecting those issues onto God.  

If we don’t operate in forgiveness, we’re gonna allow a seed of bitterness to take root and then we start saying stuff like, “I love God…but I’m gonna have Bible study at my house with just me…

That’s not even Biblical.  It’s not good for man to be alone.


The Bible says in Hebrews 4:12 that the word of God is sharper than a 2 edged sword




People don’t embrace God’s word because It cuts!


sometimes it cuts to the core bc as you read you realize the problem ain’t God, it’s YOU!


they stood and listened and began to cry.



It’s easy when God speaks to you to get this heavy thing and break and cry….

and it’s a good thing… need people around you to say, yes it’s from God, but no don’t kill yourself

Like what Ezra does here.  Wait guys….yes your’e missed the mark, but what you’re feeling is a good thing.  God’s not MAD!  you know what you need to do….


  1. Plan To Party.  “If it ain’t fun, I quit”

    Our small groups will be fun.  I’ve been in small groups before….yikes

Never underestimate the power of fun!  laughter is the best medicine.




  1. Prepare To Get Real.  Who are you real with?  who do you know well enough to share your junk with

    Anyone left to their own vises will self destruct.  we all have a self destruct button, but the only time we really think about pushing it, is when we’re alone!

PSALM 119:105, thy word is a lamp unto my feet, a light to my path.        You’re never going to walk in the light if you keep areas of darkness in your heart.


Are you being real?  Are you here just bc your spouse made you come, or you feel that you’re doing your civic or spiritual duty.  Are you sitting though the service embracing God’s word or grueling bc you can’t wait for it to be over?  When you accepted jesus you built the walls and you now have the place, but what’s happening on the inside?  Are you embracing His word?  Is there order in there?  Is there a smile on the outside, but no party on the inside?  There’s light on the outside, but there’s darkness inside that nobody knows about.  


You’re only as sick as your secrets


Then they responded in writing.  9:38, 10:29


You’ve given your heart to Jesus, the walls of provision and protection are standing.  May you have order, may you embrace God’s word, may you live in a place where there’s joy, and a party, and celebration, may you recognize there are moments where you have to get real.  Here’s the 5th thing.  You want to see the promise of God fulfilled in the place that He’s made for you… have to 


  1. Make The Commitment.  You have to just say.  THIS IS HOW I’M GOING TO LIVE.

    They signed a document, they swore an oath, and they stood before one another and before the Lord and declared I’M ALL IN!


Often times, we establish the wall (give our hearts), and have a party!  and we should.  But God is more concerned with what happens next….what’s going on INSIDE THE PLACE

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