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dEFENDER of faith

part 4- Muhammad vs jesus

In this powerful sermon series, Pastor Shannon explains WHY we need to defend our faith.  

A platform is only as strong as the structure underneath, which supports it.

Armed with the sword of the spirit, make sure you have the right tools and weapons to be a DEFENDER OF FAITH!

pastor shannon's notes




Allah or Jehovah, what is God’s name? 

Who is Allah?  

Muhammad born in 570 AD in Makkah, modern day Sadi Arabia 360 Gods….moon god, mosque….gabriel….illeterate

Exodus 3:13-15 ;   6:2

They claim that the first 5 books were written by Allah, and that Moses, Jesus, Abraham were prophets of Allah

Nowhere in the Bible is the word Allah used, and nowhere in the Quran is the word Jehovah used

They say the Bible was corrupted and so we got the Quran.  But in the Quran it says God’s word cannot be corrupted

    so how does Allah allow the Bible to be corrupted but not the quran?

    It’s impossible for allah to reveal’s just rules

    Our God is all about a relationship with Him


Allah is one god while Lord God is a Trinity. Matthew 28:19-20


Muslims are servants to Allah, and Christians are children of God the Father. 

John 1:12  Aba verses Master





Let's set this up interview style!


If you are conducting an interview because you are trying to find the way to Heaven.

You’re looking for a savior…


The greatest representative on Earth of the God they worship.

You have 2 applicants:

Muhammad says i have the way for you to get to Heaven

Jesus says no, I have the way.

2 different God’s, 2 very different ways

The questions we're going to ask our applicants:

    1.     Do you have access to God?  I would like to know if you know God personally.  If i’m going to lead you to Heaven, I would like to know that God has talked to you, given you authority to talk to me, and instructed you on how to get to Him.

    M never spoke to God, only an angel.  But Jesus Himself claimed to BE God

    M went into cave, spoke to Gabriel

    Jesus: have you ever spoken to God?

    John 5:19-22 states, most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel. For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so the Son gives life to whom He will.

In John 10:30 Jesus states that, I and the Father are one.


Muhammad did not give life.  he doesn’t communicate at all

Clerics don’t speak to allah.  either allah doesn’t talk back, which is a problem.  OR allah doesn’t exist…..WHICH IS A REALITY


Jesus said you can talk to God directly!  Cults all require you to go through a person.  I’m the boss, you don’t have to go through no 3rd tear employee, talk to the boss

Isaiah 42:8 says God says He isn’t going to share His honor and glory with no body

That means that when Jesus says He’s the one going to judge, He’s the way the truth and the life, He is to be worshipped…..He MUST be God!

M said honor Allah, but we can’t get to allah and neither did he

Pilate asked Jesus, what is the truth.  J didn’t tell him what was true, He said ME!

I’m not only His representative, I am He

VS 25 - the dead will hear the son of God.  WHAT?  dead people will rise at the sound of your voice?  The power of your voice will give life?

    give, judge, honored, believe and you will live, raise the dead?  that’s the guy applying to be your savior.  If someone can deliver on those things, you are set

    M?  I’m still trying to figure out what you're telling me.  heard voices in a cave, alone, you tried remember what they said cause you can’t read or write.  people wrote it on parchments, stones, and bones, and 200 years later made a book from that that tells me how to get to Heaven, to get to a god that no one has spoken to….that was the pagan god the moon god named allah….you got to be kidding me



2.  Do you have any experience in the supernatural?

    M performed NO miracles, J performed many


If you are seeking salvation, it’s important to understand you need supernatural powers

    we have issues!

    and on top of that, we got sin!  what are we gonna do with our sin!

Muslims do claim that M performed 2 miracles.  He got the quran and he ascended

    he ascended from a rock…nobody saw him but they say on the way up he saw

    moses, abraham, jesus, they were all prophets of allah.  nowhere in the bible does it say that.  they were NOT.  that’s ridiculous.  they were prophets of jehovah, and jesus was jehovah himself.

    out of those 2 miracles, what do those miracles have to do with MY issues

    J says i’m your guy…i did this, i did that…..even demons bowed down

If I’m conducting the interview, i’d want to see something…..float, put something in my head.  turn that water into starbucks!  M what can you do?

    public versus private


3.  Are you going to be available?

    If i need you 24/7 are you going to be around.

    do we need God all the time?

    some people only call on God on sunday

M was a sinner, who died, and remains dead

J was sinless, died, and rose from the dead!

If you pray to allah, he aint gonna answer.  you can pray to him if you want to, but you will never hear a response

God says if you speak to me, i will speak back to you

How do we know M was a sinner?  HE said so himself. “i pray allah set me apart from my sins as east is set apart from west.  clean me of my sins as white as a garment is set apart from dirt.  Wash my sin with water, snow, and hail.   He had 12 wives, one was 7 years old.  It’s ok to beat women.  “as to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty….admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and beat them (lightly)

I’d rather have a husband that the Bible talks about that should love their wives as Jesus loves the church and lay down his life for her.  The Quran says marry women of your choice, 2, 3, or 4.  if can’t deal justly, then just 1

I need supernatural intervention just to love 1 woman right


Jesus never had sin:  Hebrews 4:15 tempted out sin

    2 corinth:  god made Him who had no sin to become sin

    old test sacrifice to rid your sins…..mamed, fleas, broke leg.  had to be pure, would pay for your sin for one year.  JC came down as the perfect lamb to be slain.  Holy, sinless blood, He died once forever for your sins.

Jesus not only says, honor me, word brings life, give life, i’m going to die FOR you.  I’m going to remain sinless so my death qualifies as an eternal sacrifice to pay for your sin.  bc your sin has a payment, it’s called death.  I’m going to die for you, and then I’m going to rise for you so when you call on me, i’m available to you!


If M is dead, who do we call on



4.  Do you fulfill any prophecies?

M fills no Messianic prophecies.  Jesus fulfills TONS!

       If God is going to send a representative, wouldn’t He tell you about it, so you knew it was Him when He came?  So people wouldn’t go, wait wait wait, who says you know what you're talking about?  Jesus fulfilled hundreds!  29:00

If I told you tomorrow……


M did fulfill one prophecy…  Matthew 24:4-6  and verse 10

M is a false prophet



5.  M offers salvation through works, J through grace

    5 pillars:  Makkah, fasting, pray 5 times daily, acts of charity, recite shahada

    do all that the best you can with no help from allah, just self discipline and those around you

    if good deeds outweigh bad, you go to heaven


Only 1 way to guarantee your entrance into heaven, i’ll tell you that next week


But Christianity says, you have more sin than you even know about.  You can’t be good enough, all have fallen short.  But don’t worry, I’m going to take all that sin and die for you so that if you accept my gift of salvation you now belong to me.  i’m going to walk with you, talk with you, never leave you, never forsake you, all the days of your life!  I’ll answer your prayers.  sometimes i’ll tell you yes, sometimes no, sometimes, why you asking that?!!!  but i’ll be there for you, cause i’m not in the grave like Muhammad.  I’m not inaccessible like allah, i’m here!



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