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dEFENDER of faith

part 3-Mormonism

In this powerful sermon series, Pastor Shannon explains WHY we need to defend our faith.  

A platform is only as strong as the structure underneath, which supports it.

Armed with the sword of the spirit, make sure you have the right tools and weapons to be a DEFENDER OF FAITH!

pastor shannon's notes



Defender of Faith, Mormonism 


Story of boy wanting a car

Joseph Smith, 1820, at 17 years old!  Claims that Jesus went to him and said not to go to denominations but he write this new material that would truly represent Him, that Christians have distorted the truth that He should write his own faith, and he wrote the Mormon faith and the book of mormon.


Brother and wife (one of many) claim that he wrote it while crystal gazing.  He claims it’s more true.  The most reliable source of God’s word on the planet.  


They also claim that people live on the moon, they dress like quakers, and live to be 1,000years old.  Brigham Young said, no just the sun.  They believe you can achieve God status, and get to rule over their own planet one day…..if they’re good enough on Earth.  Unless you claim JS as the true prophet, you cannot go to highest Heaven


There are many many contradictions in the Mormon faith with that of the Bible.  We’ll look at 5.


  1. People are pre-mortal beings waiting for a body and that sinfulness is a benefit giving man the opportunity to learn.

    what they’ll teach you is that before you were born on earth, you were born from your spiritual parents in Heaven and you’re waiting as a sprit child for a body to become available.


Psalm 139 formed us in the womb

Gen 1:26 - God said let us make man in our image…..


we were not created after our Heavenly parents, we were created by God.  You were not created in Heaven.  Created your life began when you were born.  there is no marriage in Heaven Jesus said.  we are all like angels and worship


What they did say before June 9, 1978 was that the negro people……..


All this is very cultish…..Cults focus on the interpretation of God based on ONE person!


It has changed!  It has changed because MAN MAKES MISTAKES!  They realize their mistakes, then change.


And God wants to speak to you directly.


“gives men the opportunity”….I don’t see anything good from men learning through murder, rape, lying, cheating, stealing, etc..

    this infers that God created sin

    The bible teaches that Adam n Eve sinned, and because of that, death resulted, rape resulted……..


  2.  Elohim is an exalted man and only god of this earth.

    When you speak to someone who is a member of a cult, it’s very important that you understand that you are not on the same terms, and that you understand the definition of terms.  “we believe in God”… gotta clarify, WHO IS GOD?


Your understanding of God is diff than their understanding of God

Their understanding….


Our Bible says that clearly that ain’t true!   Isaiah 44:6 - I am first and last, apart form me there is no God

They will tell you that there are MANY Gods.  All of you have potential to be God


Isaiah 43:10 - none before or after

Let’s break it down……Mormons says there are many Gods, God says there is only one.  Someone’s wrong!


I think it’s amusing that how they think it ought to go, is EXACTLY why Adam and Even were kicked out of the garden and succumb to sin!  They were told they could be God-like, and they believed it.


I’ve been to Utah several times…..


1 Tim 1:17 - King eternal, immortal means not a man, the ONLY wise God!  Honor HIM forever and ever!

So many verses that point to God being the ONLY one!


For them to say that no, he had a beginning, he was a man just like me and you, he became a sinner, and learned through trial and error, and through obedience exalted as a man sitting on a throne.


Collassians Ch 1


   3.  JESUS:  They will say that Jesus is a spiritual child.  But what makes Him different is that God the father, Elohim sitting on the throne, came back to Earth, had sex with Mary and the result was Jesus.


verse 15 - He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.  Firstborn is status.  

    But aren’t we ALL the image of God so doesn’t that make us the same….NO, He IS the image!

    He is the model, we are the copy of that model.  Hand print in clay


verse 16


    If HE created everything, how could He also be created?  if He was before all things, how could there be stuff before Him to create Him?  BOGUS        That’s direct contradiction

    The Bible also says, He that had NO SIN, became flesh


They say that He did NOT pay for our sins solely on the cross, but also in the Garden of Gathsemeny with sweat


1 Peter 2:24

many versus that say He paid for our sins on the cross.  If He be lifted up (lifted up on the cross) He would draw all men…

It wasn’t when He was praying in the garden.  If that was the case, after the garden He could’ve stopped.  Let this pass from me….

when Peter cut off that guys ear, Jesus showed them, I have complete control, when they were beating Him, He could’ve stopped all of that, but it wasn’t til He was nailed on the cross and He died and gave up His spirit that we were saved.  But they say that’s not the whole truth.



    4.  Salvation is exhalation to one of 3 Heavens based on good works.

    Telestial, Terrestrial, Celestial

    You can only go to the 3rd if you are Mormon, that’s where you get your own planet

    Women…sorry!  you can only go…

    That is so out there, the Bible doesn’t talk anything about that

        Paul talks about going to the 3rd Heaven.  In Gensis….birds fly, stars are

    It’s Heaven or Hell.  The one Heaven that’s always mentioned in the book of Revelation…

    No tears

    no sorrow

    no light

    tree of life

    rivers of living water

    It’s all in this one place


    5.  orgiveness is earned by works, obeying the mormon teachings.

    The Bible says forgiveness is received by faith

    Ephesians 2:8, don’t read

    Every religion (Christianity is not a religion…it’s THE WAY) has a form of works….you just do this that or the other thing to please God in order to go to Heaven.  It’s even in the religion of GOOD WORKS.  It’s the religion of ME.

So you say you are tolerant.  everyone should believe what they want and do what you want and we should respect it.

None of those people are tolerant.  rape? no.  well who are yOU to say?  well you can believe AS LONG AS.  no no no, you just put a condition on my belief.  That means you’re a biggot!  no what it really means is you have morality stamped on your heart BY GOD and you don’t want to accept it.

    Religion says I’ll do the best I can on what I want to accept as true and what’s good enough and when I get to Heaven God will accept me.

    Christianity says, no you can’t.  There’s nothing you can do that’s good enough.  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  No matter how much you try, you can’t.  So Christ said, I’ll do it for you!

Ephesians 2:8-9


we are saved by grace.

But we take advantage of grace


Unfortunately one o the diff between cults and Christianity is they learn their doctrine.  One of the reasons we don’t want to talk to them is bc they got it down!  They committed!


Story of Mormon boys visiting my house


But they are committed bc they believe they HAVE to if they want to get to Heaven.


We know we are saved by grace and don’t have to, so we DON’T!


Mormon faith if filthy rich bc in order to get to Heaven you must tithe.

God says if you want me to bless your finances you have to honor me with your finances.    eh, i don’t know if i believe that one.

    so you don’t

    folks that make too much to give 10%.  do you know how much money i’d have to give……

    get up and pray, i don’t want to, i want to sleep

    serve your brother….

    pray for folks that talk behind your back

    Your not accountable to anyone in this church making you, so you don’t


You can choose to obey me.  Or you can choose to not obey me.  If you choose not to obey me, you will not be as blessed as if you choose to obey me, but i’m not going to force you.


John 15 - God WANTS to bless you!  Not at all saying more money.  He wants to use you, abide in your heart, experience His love more than you’re experiencing now.  And when bad things happen, you can go, IT’S OK


verse 16 - 


this is not name it claim it

This is saying He WANTS you to bear fruit……

You may be saying I want that too.  Well why ain’t it happening.

bc the free pass that allows you to choose whether to obey Him or not…you took advantage of it.

How many of you knew God told you to do something, you didn’t want to do it…. and you didn’t?

…you didn’t want to, and you did it anyway, and it was good?

In a Cult, you have no choice

    Mormons require they do the bike ride thing.  You MUST serve as head of church for a season

    They hold it over your head and say, if you don’t do it, you die and go to hell

    Christianity says……..HOW MUCH YOU WANT?  How blessed you wanna be

    I want Revive Church to bring more people into the church and into a life with Christ than any other church in Longview has ever done.  I want to have members of Revive from all over the world, who never even come here.  I want our music to be lead people to Christ that would never step foot in this church!


What about you?  What does God want to bless YOU with?  Now you could sit over here and do the minimum…read, go to church, don’t kill anybody, and you’ll go to Heaven.  Or you could choose, God I want everything you have for me!


Guy going to Heaven, and showing Him the vastness, how much do you want…..I want it ALL.  But some will say, well just give me this little bit.  People pray according to the size of their God.  


I did everything God said and He did not bless me, i’ll kiss your feet

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