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THE MISSION behind the miles

When asked “Why are you doing this?” 


First and foremost, I was called by God!


I’m doing this to destroy division in this country by unifying the churches in America and sending a clear message to those that govern that THIS is a Christian nation!  My hope is that churches will rise up and come together as one.


To lead tens of thousands of people to God.


To demonstrate a daily, relentless, love, gathering a movement of people that the governing authorities have to notice…letting them know that their political agendas and policies don’t align with God’s Word.  It is GOD who put them in their place and their ways are not pleasing to Him.


To let the Supreme Court know that there is one that holds a higher court and He is very displeased with them.


I’m tired of just “playing” church, it’s time to MOVE!  To stand up for God’s ways, and HIS promises!  Our lives are short, what we do with them matters.  I hope to light a fire under believers, unifying the church, and draw unbelievers to an eternal perspective.  We live for something far greater than ourselves, with a much higher agenda than a political term in office.  


Let’s get on FIRE for God and make a difference!  

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