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VISIon part 2

save | equip | send


Pastor Shannon walks us through God's vision for Revive church using the Save Equip Send model.

Short overview 4:22

pastor shannon's notes

Vision save equip send




Jesus spoke into a small group of people, trained them, showed them, walked with them etc…. then they went out and did the same thing


Be a disciple of Christ, a committed follower.  not just somebody that comes to church

Bring 1


Matthew 4:19

 follow me, transform you, then send you out to that with others


Am I disciple, or am I someone who just goes to church?


Easier to be a



hand out forms



SAVE - doesn’t mean just going to church, it means relationship with Christ

    Sooo Good        one on one, outreach, online


EQUIP - this is a lifelong process btw.  This is the huddle

    Life Class- So we’re all on the same page.  Classes, what did God make you?      some are shirts, and trying to be shoes

    Class "L" - Loving Relationships: You will learn about the history, mission and vision of the Revive Church. In addition you will be given the opportunity to belong to the family of God at Revive and join a Connect Group.

Class "I" - Identify for Impacting Ministry: You will begin to discover your God-given DESIGN so that you can live out your God-given identity to serve in ministry. 

Class "F" - Faithful Stewardship: We will look at what it means to be a good steward of your time, talent, and treasure as you begin to impact our church, city, and the world.

Class "E" - Evangelizing the Lost: You will gain an understanding of who we are as a church in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to others. You will also learn how to effectively share your testimony with others.Sundays first, then Sunday at 2? 


    Connect Groups

    What do you tell people that ask for help?  go to church, go to Quip Classes


This Wednesday we are going to unveil the 40- year route of the Israelites in the wilderness using Hebrew definitions of locations.  Took me 20 hours, but by George I think I got it.  Didn't know if you wanted to invite new people to try out Discovery Class this week. Totally up to you. Shay


SEND - Go Serve, join a ministry, and go get people

    Ministries - Off The Chain

    Children’s Ministry

    Men’s Ministry

    Ladies Ministry

    Youth Ministry

    One of the reasons people aren’t satisfied or happy is bc they’re doing things they weren’t designed to do…..i’m a talker, administrative work makes me unhappy


Church Growth

draw pic of tree….gown large and beautiful, draw roots…must also grow deep



Mark 5:18  Jesus cast out demons, actually 2000.  the guys said, can i follow you.  Jesus said, no.  go and tell.  you got ministry to do!


I want to move from just going to church…..I want to be a disciple.  And i want to invest in others.  well i don’t know the bible.  that’s ok, first step Jesus just said, follow me. 


last verse it says, “immediately” they dropped their nets.  but i got this job, i got my baby daddy, I’m trying to get paid, etc……


now i’m not saying you have to quit your job.   you might.  I did


When we pray, i want to challenge you to be a disciple. part of that, is I GOTTA GO GET SOMEBODY.  I can go to their house.  Go to their ballgame.  spend time with them on their tuff, then bring em to church.  go get em.  you gotta go where they are


stay seated

PRAY:  I want to be a disciple.  follow you and make me a fisher of men/women.  If you prayed that prayer, stand.  one of the fundamental characteristics of a disciple, is the ability to obey.  STAND, then come forward and we’re going to cheer!

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